About Serenity Falls

This is Our Story

Tucked tight up against the Smoky Mountains, this beautiful piece of property has a charming history. When you leave the main road, route 32 and twist and turn down the narrow country roads, it is hard to imagine that this was once a thriving little village that featured a General Store and a grist mill owned by the Caton family. Still called Ed Caton’s Place by most of the local folks, A Bit of Eden serves as the family residence and the office of Serenity Falls Cabin Rentals. William (Will) Caton, born in 1859, married Sarah Lindsey in 1882 and built the home, now known as A Bit of Eden, on land given to him by his father, Rev. Thomas Caton. No one knows for sure, but it is surmised the house was ready to move into when they married. Sarah and Will had seven children, but as was so tragic in those days, only three sons survived. Ed, born in 1888, was the eldest the three sons. When their father died in 1901, Ed then 12, helped his mother raise his siblings, run the General store and work the grist mill. After Ed married, he and his wife May took over the work in the store and mill. Old highway 32 ran right through the property in front of the main house and the General Store.

The store sold everything from fabrics to window panes, medications, hardwares, sundries and food and it thrived right up until the Great Depression. When the neighboring mountain land was set aside for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Caton neighbors had to move off the property. With the customer base gone, Ed closed the store and he and his wife May moved to West Virginia where Ed worked in the coal mines for a number of years. They rented out the Caton place while they were gone.